FDA to Propose New Regulations on E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes No Better Than Regular Cigarettes

Most of the  E-cigarette, commercials promise to provide you with your daily nicotine fix without leaving you smelling like an ashtray.  In one of the newest commercial for Blu E-cigarettes, Stephen Dorff says that you can stop smelling like an ashtray, stop feeling guilty, and other amazing stuff about e-cigarettes.  Later in the commercial, Stephen Dorff says that he has been a smoker for 20 years and this is probably the thing that bothers Food and Drug Administration the most. In October there should be new regulations on e-cigarettes released.

FDA Ponders New Regulations on E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that create nicotine vapor that you inhale when you smoke them.  The Food and Drug Administration have discussed regulating e-cigarettes for 3 years. Right now, tobacco companies are trying to attract new customers by first offering them the new, healthier way of smoking – electronic cigarette. All they are hoping for is that their customers obtain an addiction to their products. Although they claim that you can „take your freedom back” by using e-cigarettes, some countries have banned them already, because they see them just as a device to deliver drugs. A research is still needed to prove the healthiness of e-cigarettes, so some countries have banned their use indoors. In fact, there have been some studies that have found three toxins in electronic cigarettes and claim that quitting e-cigs may be as difficult as quitting conventional cigarettes.

New York City and California Pondering Ban

New York City’s Health Committee is turning its attention to E-cigarettes.  The committee is considering classifying E-cigarettes as tobacco products.  California has also discussed the possibility of  banning E-cigarettes and would limit the use of the product “school campuses, residential dwelling units, public buildings, as defined, places of employment, retail food facilities, day care facilities and health facilities”.  As the sales of e-cigarettes keep growing, we will probably see FDA’s next move pretty soon.  The FDA said that they will release their proposed regulations on e-cigarettes in October.

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  1. George Rice

    Here we go again! Are we just going to let our government steam roll us on everything we do? They don’t care about the thousands they put out of work with shutting down the GOVERNMENT! WE PAY THEM TO MUCH TO NOT CARE WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WE NEED TO STAND UP AND DEMAND THEM TO REPRESENT US,’ NOT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on October 5, 2013
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