Why You Should Own More Than One E-Cig

It’s been almost a year I am vaping and my several friends are also involved in vaping. Recently, I met them and I found that they all are having more than one electronic cigarette. Let’s say for them one is not enough. Most of them are having at least 2-3 electronic cigarettes but still they are ready to invest on disposable electronic cigarette. I know they are electronic cigarette zealots, but what I found was their all electronic cigarettes were different.

When I asked the reason why you are using various sizes of electronic cigarettes? They just simply informed me that if they go out they will carry the larger one so they can use it for the whole day. If they are roaming in the evening they may go with more compact. I was quite surprised and consider them fool. Because, when it comes to me I simply have my one best electronic cigarette. The rest are sat in the box.

Once I realized, I should sell them for extra electronic cigarette accessories because keeping them in the box is not of any use. With the use of that money I can buy atomizers, batteries and e-juice. It was not something significant, till the time I have ever realized how vital it was. Finally, I sold them out.

As mentioned above, I spend that money to buy my electronic cigarette accessories. On that day, I got home early from the work and was damn excited as I had bought e-juice. I loaded my atomizer with the sweet nectar. When I tried to start up it didn’t. When it did, it started very weirdly. It got started like when you try to start up your car early in the winter the way the engine sounds such way my electronic cigarette got started. At last, I had given up on it because it didn’t works the way I want to make use of it.

Even I also went to a local store so I might correct it, but things didn’t work out and I felt like such a hypocrite. Because previously, I was telling other people that one electronic cigarette is significant. So ladies and gentleman my purpose to write this article was to let you aware and learn from my mistake. Again I am telling you please have more than one electronic cigarette. You can have one extra as a back or might your regular electronic cigarette is in the charging. So what are you waiting for, if you are still having one, than buy more one now!

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