Smart electronic cigarettes are here

As we learned last week, e-cigarettes are 60 percent more likely than nicotine products or willpower to help you quit smoking. But now, quitting with e-cigarettes might be even easier.

A French product called Smokio, which is now available in the U.S., claims to be “the first connected electronic cigarette,” according to the company’s website. 

Smokio users can connect the e-cig to a smartphone app, which measures important data like how often they vape, and how much nicotine is currently in their body.

This ‘Smart’ E-Cigarette Tracks Your Vital Signs With Every Puff

“Every puff is captured and saved, even when your smartphone is out of sight,” the site says. “Follow improvements to your vitals as you cut down on regular cigarettes.”

The app also shows the user the number of days by which they’ve increased their life expectancy by switching to an e-cig versus a real cigarette, though we’re not sure we trust the precision of that science.

Let us also not forget: if you thought smoking an e-cigarette made you look nerdy to begin with, having one that’s hooked up to a smartphone app probably ain’t gonna help your case.

Smokio is available on the company’s website, starting at $89.90.

Source: betabeat

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