AirSmoke E-Cigarette Review

E-Liquid Yes
Flavors 9
Nicotine Levels High 20mg, Medium 15mg, Low 10mg, No nicotine 0mg
Warranty Lifetime
Money Back 90 Days
Discounts 20% Off Entire Order
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Packaging ( 9.3 )
Battery Life ( 9.6 )
Refill Types ( 9.9 )
Flavors ( 8.9 )
Vapor Quality ( 10 )
Cost / Value ( 9.9 )

About Company

AirSmoke is a leading E-Cigarette brand since 2009 AirSmoke Ltd. – electronic cigarette official distributor. As to say AirSmoke – is a worldwide known, reliable and highly experienced electronic cigarette retailer. According to my research, AirSmoke is the only brand that offers both “slim” and “ultra” capacious batteries, most popular e-liquids, cartridges, cartomizers, clearomizers, etc. I would say they have everything you need for perfect vaping experience. In short about the Company I would say: best quality to price electronic cigarettes, easy use product strategy, friendly customer support, secure and easy on-line shopping.

They offer only tested, trusted quality electronic cigarette parts, that have highest reputation from customers in long term use. Here you can find only top rated e-cigarette products for the best price.

The mission of AirSmoke is to to become a leading brand on a Global electronic cigarette market, providing top quality product for a respectful price. Which also corresponds to their slogan “AirSmoke – be free of smoke.”

The Company highly values:

  • Respect – friendly & helpful customer support
  • Non-smokers – protected from passive smoking (especially children and pets).
  • Smokers – have an alternative and freedom of choice.
  • Quality – newest generation top quality product.

As to their mission it is four “P”: people, portfolio, planet and partners.

  • People: Provide new generation blue-led technology to satisfy needs of a dynamic and contemporary customer.
  • Portfolio: Present the portfolio of wide range top quality electronic cigarettes and accessories.
  • Planet: Provide an environmentally friendly, green alternative.
  • Partners: Guarantee successful cooperation and effective support, maximizing profits.

The concern of the Company seems to be quite logic. They mention that e-cigarettes present a unique opportunity to satisfy psychological (process) and physical (nicotine) dependence. That electronic cigarette is not proved to be or serve as a smoking cessation tool, nevertheless studies show that lots of smokers in the attempt to quit smoking switch to electronic cigarette and as a result quit for good. Vapor instead of smoke is a reasonable choice for the ones who find it hard to quit.

AirSmoke calls to respect others providing comfort and compromise between smokers and non-smokers. The statement from AirSmoke that it is the best alternative for smokers seems absolutely reasonable.

Alex Serjapin

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Alex Serjapin is WordPress enthusiast working in various companies & freelance projects. While Alex is puffing on his electronic cigarettes and sharing his opinion about them with you on and he also is giving away electronic cigarettes for free.

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User reviews (8)

AirSmoke 9.5

Came across the Company in 2010 in RIX and still staying with them as a regular customer. Really satisfied with the customer service, never had any issues on replacing or returning goods. Always fast and accurate delivery. And, of course, what is most important, is the quality of electronic cigarettes Airsmoke provides. Huge, stable vapor, good quality liquids, good price.

  • customer service
  • quality
  • accuracy
  • sometimes out of stock, rarely though
Posted on January 15, 2014 5:13 am
Lisa J
AirSmoke 10.0

Awesome product! Not smoking for two years :) Enjoying freedom of smoke. Thanks Airsmoke team!

  • top quality
  • best I'v tried so far
  • always friendly service
  • once a couple of cartomizers came empty, but been replaced
Posted on January 30, 2014 5:28 am
Dee W
AirSmoke 8.8

I got my parcel in Australia today...I only ordered last week, I expected it to take a lot longer. Very very happy with your product and will certainly be ordering again thank you!

  • fast delivery
  • good customer service
  • powerful battery
  • huge vapor
  • nice taste of e-liquid, not to sweet, no aftertaste
  • just started using, not noted yet
Posted on January 31, 2014 5:31 am
Ana Georgievska
AirSmoke 10.0

current user, (third brend now) ,certanily the the best experience ever,I got max in every aspect!

  • 10
  • 10
  • 10
  • 10
  • 10
Minors No minors
Posted on March 3, 2014 2:05 pm
AirSmoke 9.0

Thanks for event, really enjoyed it!

  • Fast
  • +
  • +
  • +
  • +
Minors No minors
Posted on March 4, 2014 2:09 pm
Susan Brown
AirSmoke 9.5

This is a great product. My husband started using Airsmoke some time ago and has not picked up a real cigarette since. I just tried my first one a couple of days ago, no complaints yet, I really enjoy them!

  • Taste is good.
  • Quality excellent
  • Great vapor
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great selection of products and favors
  • None
Posted on March 10, 2014 1:06 am
AirSmoke 10.0

The best e-cig I have tried in years... Im happy I found AirSmoke, now I can vape the real deal, not those cheap blu or other similar stuff. AirSmoke has by far better vapor & flavor.

  • Huge vapor
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Best clearomizers on market right now
  • Awesome support
  • Fast shipping
Minors No minors
Posted on October 3, 2014 3:16 am
AirSmoke 9.8

Awesome, love this company! Delivery always on time AND e-cigs are the best we have ever tried! Battery lasts almost 4 days for me! WOW

Plusses No plusses
Minors No minors
Posted on October 3, 2014 3:20 am

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