Vapor Couture E-Cigarette Review

Vapor Couture
E-Liquid Yes
Flavors 6
Nicotine Levels Full flavored 18mg, Light 12mg, Ultra light 6mg, No nicotine 0mg
Warranty Lifetime
Money Back N/A
Discounts 10% Off Entire Order
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Packaging ( 9.4 )
Battery Life ( 8 )
Refill Types ( 8.2 )
Flavors ( 8.4 )
Vapor Quality ( 9.8 )
Cost / Value ( 9 )

About Company

Vapor Couture, a sister company of the popular V2 Cigs brand,  combines the robust technology of V2 Cigs with chic designs and stylish accessories. Vapor Couture features an ultra-thin, jewel-tipped rechargeable battery with flavor cartridges available in four complementary colors. Each of the six distinctive Vapor Couture cartridge flavors was hand-picked to appeal to a woman’s refined palate. With bracelets, charms and a must-have clutch, Vapor Couture has everything a girl needs to show off her e-cigs in style!

Vapor Couture is one of the few brands created right here in the United States. Most vapor cigarette companies just slap a logo on a product which was designed overseas, Vapor Couture is different.

Vapor Couture offers a total of 6 introductory flavors to choose from!

Rodeo Drive – American Tobacco

A hearty, American tobacco flavor. This delectable blend embodies the robust taste of domestic tobacco with each puff.

Bombshell – Turkish Tobacco

This exotic blend is rich, smooth and a great fit for the tobacco lovers! With spicy undertones, this flavor is as bold as it is satisfying.

Fresh Mint – Cool and Refreshing

Our invigorating menthol is fresh, cool and delicious. An icy mint with a hint of sweetness, we know this flavor will be one of your favorites.

Passion Fruit – Sweet and Tropical

Fun and fruity, this delightfully sweet flavor is sure to tickle your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.

Strawberry Champagne – Sweet Sophistication

As decadent as it sounds, our Vapor Couture Strawberry Champagne flavor cartridges combine the taste of ripe strawberries with the crispness fine Champagne.

Arctic Mint – Sweet, Minty Goodness

Like an after-dinner treat, Vapor Couture Arctic Mint combines the fresh flavor of peppermint with subtle hints of sweetness – perfect for any occasion!



Alex Serjapin

About Alex Serjapin

Alex Serjapin is WordPress enthusiast working in various companies & freelance projects. While Alex is puffing on his electronic cigarettes and sharing his opinion about them with you on and he also is giving away electronic cigarettes for free.

User reviews (5)

Vapor Couture 8.7

Although not the most popular, nor my everyday e-cig I truly love the elegance and light weight of VC for dressier occassins.

  • elagant
  • lightweight
  • long-life battery
  • excellent vapor
  • not for the budget-conscious
Posted on February 21, 2014 1:43 pm
beth seasholtz
Vapor Couture 9.2

V-2 is a great vape!! Love them!!

  • tastes like real cigarettes
  • They will replace batteries anytime you have problen
  • I would reccomend these to everyone
  • I wish batteries would stay charged longer
Posted on February 22, 2014 5:22 am
Vapor Couture 8.8

Great taste, lightweight, attractive.

  • flavor
  • long-life
  • attractive
  • not the cheapest
Posted on February 26, 2014 11:25 pm
Kay Middlebrooks
Vapor Couture 10.0

I came across this offer and became so excited! I haven't yet tried V2 Cig yet but in reading about this on and and looking on V2Cig website, I am definitely going to try them! I like the fact that there are a lot of different flavors and strengths to choose from too! I have been purchasing my E Cigarettes in the store locally and you really don't have a choice to choose from. The only choice I have used recently is BLU.Eciggarette. It wasn't bad as far as taste went, but it did lack the strength that I needed. So in reading all of these good reviews for V2 Cig I feel good about purchasing one! Thank you Alex Serjapin for the opportunity to win one and for your great posts!

  • packaging
  • costs/value
  • flavors
  • none
Posted on March 1, 2014 2:18 am
Vapor Couture 7.3

Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences.

Plusses No plusses
Minors No minors
Posted on July 16, 2015 7:16 pm

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